Neutrog Fertiliser

We’ve had a 14 year relationship with Neutrog. Volunteers here at the Rose garden use Sudden Impact for Roses in conjunction with GOGO Juice throughout spring, summer and autumn. Together they result in strong growth, continuous soil improvement, good health, vigour and lots of flowers, benefits that our volunteers have experienced first-hand.

The Mornington Botanical Rose Garden is open all year around and entry is free although a gold coin donation is greatly appreciated to help with the maintenance of the garden. Events are held throughout the year including high-teas, guest speakers and the rotunda can be booked out for special occasions.

About Sudden Impact for Roses:

Ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants (not just roses), Sudden Impact for Roses combines the best of both worlds. Its organic base provides a full range of plant nutrients in a slow release form, whilst the carefully selected water-soluble nutrients have been added to maximise the performance of each application. Users of Sudden Impact for Roses consistently report an increase in the number of flowers, an increase in the quality of individual blooms, continued general plant vigour and sturdy growth, and an improvement in the health of the plants, with increased resistance to fungal disease, resulting in a marked reduction in the need for preventative spraying by up to two thirds.

For more information about Neutrog products and projects you can visit their website at and subscribe to their free monthly newsletter.