Rose Names and Locations

The table below is a list of our Roses by
. Rose Name
. Bed Location
. Fragrance
. Type.

For your convenience, this table is interactive and can be sorted to suit your interests and needs.

Here is how: In the header row (blue), simply click on e.g. ‘Rose Name’ to sort the roses in alphabetical order. Click on ‘Bed’ to sort by bed number/location in numerical order or ‘Type’ to sort by types in alphabetical order etc. Note: not all roses have been allocated a Fragrance. There is even a Search field should you wish to find a particular rose.

To download and print a map of bed locations, click on map of garden to download our garden layout.  

We’ve also added pictures where possible to showcase our roses. Simply hover over and click on a ‘Rose Name’ to reveal its image (where available).

Rose NameBedFragranceType
Scabrosa01Hybrid Rugosa
Scabrosa02Hybrid Rugosa
Mutabilis03China Rose
Fourth of July - climber05Large-Flowered Climber
Ruby Celebration - standard05Floribunda
Fourth of July - climber06Large-Flowered Climber
Ruby Celebration - standard06Floribunda
Lousia Stone07Floribunda
Victoria Gold08Floribunda
Golden Fairytale09LFHybrid Tea
Golden Holstein10Floribunda
Honey Perfume12Floribunda
Gold Bunny13Floribunda
Afternoon Delight15LFFloribunda
China Sunrise17Floribunda
Brass Band18LFFloribunda
Oranges and Lemons21Floribunda
Star Struck22Floribunda
Golden Girls23Floribunda
Centenary of Federation24Floribunda
Hot Cocoa25LFFloribunda
Cathedral City26Floribunda
Strawberry Crush27Floribunda
Fairy Tale Magic31LFFlorabunda
The Karnival31LFFloribunda
Brilliant Pink Iceberg33Floribunda
Augusta Luise35LFHybrid Tea
Love Potion36HFFloribunda
Great News37Floribunda
Florence Delattre38Floribunda
Blueberry Hill39LFFloribunda
Tutu Mauve40Floribunda
Perfume Perfection41HFFloribunda
Margaret Merril45HFFloribunda
Princess of Wales47Floribunda
Hanza Park48Modern Shrub
Lavender Dream48Modern Shrub
White Cloud48LFModern Shrub
Caramella49Modern Shrub
Postillion49Modern Shrub
Rotilia49Modern Shrub
Angela50Modern Shrub
Gremlin50Modern Shrub
Sebastine Kneipp50HFModern Shrub
Aotearoa51HFHybrid Tea
April Hamer51LFHybrid Tea
Candy Stripe51Hybrid Tea
In Appreciation51LFHybrid Tea
Bewitched52HFHybrid Tea
Tournament of Roses52Hybrid Tea
Triple Treat52Modern Shrub
Ultimate Pink52Hybrid Tea
Diana Princess of Wales53Hybrid Tea
Moonstone53LFHybrid Tea
Royal Dream53Hybrid Tea
Yvonne Kenny53Hybrid Tea
Athena54LFHybrid Tea
Karen Blixen54HFHybrid Tea
Our Vanilla54Hybrid Tea
Tineke54LFHybrid Tea
Many Happy Returns55Groundcovers
Royal Bassino55Groundcovers
Summer Fairytale55Groundcovers
Sunny Rose55Groundcovers
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch56Hybrid Tea
Fragrant Plum57HFHybrid Tea
Rainbow Robe57Hybrid Tea
Shocking Blue57HFHybrid Tea
Fire and Ice58Hybrid Tea
Harry Wheatcroft58Hybrid Tea
Sir Donald Bradman58HFHybrid Tea
Summer Fragrance58LFHybrid Tea
Dolly Parton59HFHybrid Tea
Ingrid Bergman59Hybrid Tea
Joy of Life59Hybrid Tea
Kentucky Derby59Hybrid Tea
Dark Desire60HFHybrid Tea
Hannah Gordon60Hybrid Tea
Beauty Star61HFHybrid Tea
Ian Thorpe61LFHybrid Tea
Camp David62LFHybrid Tea
Konrad Henkel62Hybrid Tea
New Era62Hybrid Tea
Papa Meilland62HFHybrid Tea
Chicago Peace63Hybrid Tea
Double Delight63HFHybrid Tea
Fiona s Wish63HFHybrid Tea
La Passionata63Hybrid Tea
Charles de Gaulle64LFHybrid Tea
Ernest s Blue64Hybrid Tea
Paradise64Hybrid Tea
Stainless Steel64HFHybrid Tea
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch65Hybrid Tea
Busy Bee66Groundcovers
Golden Touch66Groundcovers
Mainau Feuer66Groundcovers
Cream Dream67Hybrid Tea
Frances Phoebe67Hybrid Tea
Northern Lights67LFHybrid Tea
Pristine67LFHybrid Tea
Glorious68Hybrid Tea
Honey Dijon68HFHybrid Tea
Magma68Hybrid Tea
Marilyn Munro68LFHybrid Tea
St Patrick68Hybrid Tea
Ashram69LFHybrid Tea
Just Joey69LFHybrid Tea
Tropical Sunset69LFHybrid Tea
Warm Wishes69LFHybrid Tea
Brigadoon70LFHybrid Tea
Mariana70Hybrid Tea
Our Copper Queen70Hybrid Tea
Lilac Rose71HFDavid Austin
Tea Clipper71LFDavid Austin
Lady Phelia72LFModern Shrub
Martine Guillot72Modern Shrub
Radio Times72David Austin
Darcey Bussell73LFDavid Austin
Tess of the d Urbervilles73David Austin
The Endeavour73LFDavid Austin
Miss Alice74LFDavid Austin
Pretty Jessika74HFDavid Austin
Cote d Azure75Delbard
Sorbet Fromboise75Delbard
Belle Story76LFDavid Austin
Claire Rose76HFDavid Austin
John Clare76David Austin
Jubilee Celebration76HFDavid Austin
Sharifa Asma76HFDavid Austin
Wife of Bath76David Austin
Fishermans Friend77HFDavid Austin
George Best77Floribunda
New William Shakespeare77HFDavid Austin
Othello77HFDavid Austin
Ruby Celebration77Floribunda
Glamis Castle78HFDavid Austin
St Cecilia78HFDavid Austin
Wildeve78LFDavid Austin
Winchester Cathedral78HFDavid Austin
Windermere78HFDavid Austin
Charles Darwin79HFDavid Austin
Charlotte79HFDavid Austin
Crocus Rose79LFDavid Austin
Happy Child79David Austin
Molineux79HFDavid Austin
Tranquility79LFDavid Austin
Ambridge Rose80David Austin
Comtes de Champagne 80HFDavid Austin
Leonardo da Vinci81LFFloribunda
Grace82HFDavid Austin
Lilian Austin82LFDavid Austin
Summer Song82David Austin
Sweet Juliet82David Austin
Tamora82David Austin
Benjamin Britten83HFDavid Austin
Christopher Marlowe83David Austin
L.D. Braithwaite83LFDavid Austin
Portmeirion83HFDavid Austin
Sophy s Rose83LFDavid Austin
Falstaff84HFDavid Austin
Lilac Rose84HFDavid Austin
Noble Antony84HFDavid Austin
The Dark Lady84HFDavid Austin
The Mayflower84David Austin
The Prince84HFDavid Austin
Ambridge85David Austin
Gertrude Jekyll85HFDavid Austin
Kathryn Morley85LFDavid Austin
Noble Antony85HFDavid Austin
Redoute85LFDavid Austin
Scepter d Isle85HFDavid Austin
Anne Boleyn86LFDavid Austin
Jayne Austin86LFDavid Austin
Pat Austin86LFDavid Austin
Pegasus86HFDavid Austin
Alfred Sisley87Delbard
Bordure Vive88Delbard
France Libre88Delbard
Henri Matisse88Delbard
Paris 200088Delbard
Celine Delbard89Delbard
Jardin de l Essonne89Delbard
Le Rouge et el Noir89Delbard
Maurice Utrillo89Delbard
Camille Pisarro90Delbard
Paul Cezanne90Delbard
Souvenir de Marcel Proust90Delbard
Chartreuse de Parme91Delbard
Soeur Emmanuelle91Delbard
Souvenir de Louis Amade91Delbard
Heritage Roses93-98Heritage Roses
Camp David StandardRHS pathway to Oak Hill GalleryLFStandard
Iceberg - standardRHS pathway to Oak Hill GalleryStandard
Soaring Spirits - climberRotundaLarge-Flowered Climber
Laura FordToilet BlockLFClimber
Pillar BoxToilet BlockLFHybrid Tea
Blushing Pierre de RonsardTripod - ALarge-Flowered Climber
MoonlightTripod - BHybrid Tea
JasminaTripod - CLarge-Flowered Climber
Pierre de RonsardTripod - DLFLarge-Flowered Climber
Red PierreTripod - ELarge-Flowered Climber
Blossom TimeTripod - FHFLarge-Flowered Climber
Pride de VenusTripod - GLarge-Flowered Climber
Snow Kiss - miniatureViewing PlatformMiniature
Jane McGrathWater FountainLFFloribunda